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Individual Entrepreneurship INGA DESIGN is held and operated by Graphics Artist Inga Ropsa and this is why, for your kind consideration Inga resume is presented. INGA DESIGN is strongly concerned, that you need to know, that before starting her own business, she was in advertising design business field for more than ten years, and that her creative roots are coming from Applied & Fine Visual Arts studies. her fist degree was Stained Glass Artist and Glass Artist with strong interest in watercolor painting and mixed media painting.
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Skills and Experience Illustration/ Graphics&Desktop design projects
March 2014 - August 2009

Serving Publishing House SANTA
( as Graphics artist/Layout artist, on contract basis, half-time shift

Illustration/ Graphics&Desktop design projects
August 2009 - December 2005
Graphics artist/Desktop artist for Advertising Agency SANTA (

Projects & advertisements designed for magazines issued by Publishing house SANTA (, like SANTA, SHAPE Latvia, IEVA, KLUBS, MansMazais, AutoBild Latvia etc. as well as for other printed medias (magazines FHM, UNA, Ilustrt Zintne, Vnu Pasaule etc.).
Clients: Olympus Latvia Ltd., Adidas Latvia, Interbaltija Latvija AG, German Baltics Prod., supermarket Liiba, Brands: Laima, Staburadze, Yves Saint Laurent, Shiseido, Penfolds, SanPedro, GatoNegro, Lindemans (Australian Wines), and etc.
Full-style servise advertising and product promotion projects: product promotion leaflets, brochures up to CREATIVE IMAGERY. High style original design. Outdoors. Billboards. Direct marketing advertising materials.
Branding design (Corporate Identity design, for ex., branding/logotypes).
From original unique logotype – branding design, up to full-style CI book. From single business card up to stationery package.
Getting involved in desktop publishing deep-insights. Mastering up original artwork, Corporate Identity adaptations, Pilot projects run, Logotype projects done, Sales promotion materials created. Product and Imagery photographs done. Original illustrations for brand&product advertisements, product promotion materials. WEB: simple flash animations done for web portals.

  Illustration/ Offset design projects
March 2004 - August 2002
In-House Graphic and Web Designer for Business Administration School Turiba Ltd., Riga, Latvia

April 2004 - March 2004
Senior Graphic Designer at Full-style advertising agency ESPLANADE, member of ComWorld Communications

  Had been designing illustrations for posters and brochures. My full stock of logotypes was designed from startup sketches and sketching process maintained until digitalized final output is achieved. Focusing on collateral and promotional design materials like flyers, posters, booklets, brochures, stationary, labels, business cards. My main interest is to design greeting cards, logotypes and exhibition billboards, in an environment where i can work together and cooperate with other team members and where the final product/output mainly consists of the whole creative set achieved by the working team.
Design and Web Design In-House Designer
July 2001 - November 1999

Web designer for TELIA SWEDEN branch TELEMEDIA Latvia (nowadays ENIRO LATVIA)
  Have completed numerous and diverse projects from business cards and stationery to exhibition billboards and outdoor posters. Web projects run from flexible modifications to complete mainstreaming of the project from startup sketches, business needs visualization, embedding textual material into website until final completion and further maintenance.
  March 1999 - September 1998
On-line Digital Designer for Television Company LNT LATVIA, The Evening News team
  As a member of "The Evening News" team have been performing work on PC's, involved in visualizing and interpreting all given material, working in close professional contact and cooperation with producers/news managers to broadcast events as multimedia content, was responsible for airing design packages during TV performances.

Academy of Arts of Latvia
1995 MA in Arts Sciences and History
1993 BA in Applied Arts and Design

Completed courses in Drawing, Painting, Industrial Design, Sculpture and modeling, Stained Glass Design, Arts History and Research etc.
1990 Granted workshop in Applied Arts Department of Arts Institute in Wroclaw (Poland)
1991 Group Exhibition in Art Gallery BASTEJS, Riga, Latvia


Riga Applied Arts College
June 1988 - September 1984

Obtained diploma of artist-craftsman and artist-executive

PC and MAC Literacy MAC OS X platform:
Familiar with Adobe InDesign CS3 and basics of CS5, Illustrator CS3, Adobe PhotoShop CS3, Flash CS3 (developed knowledge of dynamic banner design), AdobeFireWorks CS3, Dreamweaver MX, Quark 6. Operational knowledge of WINDOWS XP platform.
  Letters of Recommendation available upon request.
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