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MARKETING. Marketing visual materials: Marketing Collateral, Stationery, Advertising, Brochures, Books & Catalogues
BRANDING: Brand Naming, Brand Strategy, Logo Development, Brand Guidelines
ILLUSTRATION: Illustration, Hand Lettering, Posters, Art Direction
DIGITAL & WEB: Social Media Content


FIELD: Advertorial and Advertisements design jobs. Personalized Stationery jobs. Logotypes.

INGA DESIGN is focusing on miniature and middle size graphics jobs.

Stationery jobs, like business and individual persons business cards, personalized greeting cards, with hand drawn and hand painted vignettes, calligraphy elements. INGA DESIGN brings advertising elements and advertising strategy in every single business card until it looks as a tiny advertisement itself.

Although, time to time INGA DESIGN takes commissions for large format billboards, stands etc.

This goes without saying, that each artist has his own style. Despite of fundamental individual style, each year INGA DESIGN learns new techniques and approaches new style diversity. And this is funny thing, style assumption are changing, world is changing, and something, that was in a style a year ago, now is already gone. And the same is, with the new things in a town, we, people, we need a time to adapt and accept new arrivals.


Inga Design creates unique, completely original logos for you. In addition, Inga Design offers unlimited design drafts and revisions (starting from four up to five preliminary examples), any variety of colors and effects, in any format desired and ordered.

Inga Design provides you with files for any purpose, including vector AI and EPS, high-resolution TIFF for print, Web-ready JPG and GIF, and more. Inga Design will create for you any other files you may need for your advertising purposes upon request received. You will be able to use your logotype virtually anywhere.

All designs are absolutely original and personalized, and there is no any sub-compilation done from previous projects or logotypes.

Inga Design works on the following basis: requires a pre-payment of 30%, which can be paid through bank transfer. Inga Design will send you a confirmation e-mail upon receipt of your order and payment. During design process should any questions arise Inga Design will feel free to contact you back for additional information. Once all the needed materials are gathered, Inga Design will begin to master up your logotype.


Everyone must look around for an appropriate design for the business. If you haven't found design style appropriate jsut for your needs, or you need example, write me at:, or call me at : +00 371 26051681

You can be sure, that INGA DESIGN is really creating design, 'cos she does it for more than ten years after graduating Arts Academy and currently she holds a part-time job as advertorial and advertisement designer at publishing house Santa.

Objectives: collecting a wide range of artistic experience, exploring different ways of the world perception. Artist is a native of Riga, Latvia and currently is completely devoted to her Graphics Design studio INGA DESIGN. Inga Ropsa has studied at Riga Applied Arts College, and the Academy of Arts of Latvia, nowadays named, Art Academy of Latvia, holds MA in Arts Sciences and History, BA in Applied Arts. For years had been serving Advertising agencies as digital designer and been working as an In-house designer.

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INGA DESIGN IK is Graphics and Design Studio working under the leagal terms of micro entreprise founded back in 2012. Focusing on Graphics and layouting. INGA DESIGN is a brand name of designer, graphics artist and stationery artist Inga Ropša, the graduate of Latvian Academy of Fine Arts. More than ten years experience in a field.  
Every single commission received is pampered witn skills, experience and heart. In the mainframe of the project, much of the time is dedicated to comprehend and excel clients needs and ideas, which is resulting in unique design meant to work for client's product or service.  
INGA DESIGN gives image looks, attirance to client products or services, varieting from constructive style into vintage or roccoco.  

INGA DESIGN motto - design must be simple, unforgettable and easy comprehended by audience.

Whatsoever your goals are, INGA DESIGN helps you to achieve them.

INGA DESIGN Individual Entrepreneur
Registration nr. 40002165303